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December 10, 2021

Ordering prints or a photo album after a session or wedding is a must. One of the aspects that I love most about being a photographer is having the ability to encapsulate moments in time. I have the ability to bottle up feelings, emotions, moments, and memories. I can do it in a way that you can physically hold onto and remember. Although, you can hold onto it all with memories, photos have a way of bringing up memories from deep within. They have a way of bringing up such strong nostalgia and bliss.

Putting more of a priority on holding onto these physical versions of photos is something that’s been heavily on my mind as of late. Nowadays with social media, photos stay on our devices and are across platforms. These photos are meant for more than a Facebook post or a new profile photo. They are meant for memorabilia and telling old stories years from now with new family members.

I place a lot of importance on capturing real and genuine moments. I want personalities to shine through brightly and movement in the photos. This way the photos you look back are effortless and emotion-evoking. If it’s a family session with kiddos, have them bring their favorite toy! Let’s capture their love of dinosaurs at this age or how obsessed they are with barbies.

The beauty of ordering prints too is the sharing aspect. Because not only will you cherish the prints of your sweet little ones, but relatives will as well. Whether it’s Christmas cards, a birthday surprise to grandma, or a random send out to relatives to have on display, they are all sure to appreciate it.

For these reasons, I’m going to be restructuring my pricing for family photos. I want prints to have more of a priority, as they should. I will be having more of a focus on prints as opposed to just utilizing photos for social media posts. To find out more about the pricing structure and how it all works, click here to learn more!

I believe printing your photos builds confidence, worth and gratitude in your children. It shows them that they are beautiful and that you cherish them. And, your wedding pictures deserve better than an Instagram post. The printing company I use utilizes professional photographic papers with a standard archival value of up to 200 years to honor the moments captured.

For albums- you can make them your own by choosing any of the album covers pictured below. It’s a great way to honor and hold onto the memories of your day. Especially if you want all of the memories printed and not just the big ones for your wall. A photo album is a great thing to show guests when they stop by. They are great to look back on at anniversaries or birthdays.

Click here to book a consultation with me and see how we can bring your images to life!

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