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December 30, 2021

Abbie and Nolan’s wedding day was absolutely magical. They met at a mutual friends house and Nolan ended up messaging her that night, they were inseparable since. 7 years later Nolan proposed to Abbie on a pier in Traverse City. They had a beautiful wedding awhile after. Abbie and Nolan’s story is still continuing to be written but they are the sweetest and most loving couple you could ever meet.

Alexis and AJ met at Perdue University and became friends after meeting through mutual friends. Their friendship grew stronger overtime and then started dating. They do absolutely everything together whether its watching harry potter, attending sporting events or just hanging out at home with a pizza. These two are each others best friend and true love.

Bailey and Gabe’s love story started on a dating app during graduate school. They are both from Boston and had their memorable first date at a local coffee shop. A little while after they had their second date and were inseparable ever since. During may of 2020 also known as the COVID times, Gabe and Bailey had a little date night in their apartment with some steak-house takeout when Gabe popped the question. They are now living happier than ever together right in Boston and continuing on their love story together.

For Livi and Ryan it all started one night in Amsterdam, the night they met. Ryan is the older brother of Livi’s best friend in high school. Livi and Ryan instantly had a connection and everyone knew. They ended up in a long distance relationship for a year which was difficult for them due to long work days and a huge time zone difference since Ryan was teaching in Japan. Livi visited him often until they decided to move to Michigan together in 2019. This brought many new adventures for them until they soon enough tied the knot.

Faread and Majd are one of the most down to earth couples I have met. These two sweethearts met each other at Beaumont Hospital. They were friends during their intern year and eventually ended up going on a date. They’ve been together ever since.

Cammie and Keith met through E-harmony. Their first date was at a local brewery during a snowstorm, they instantly had a connection and were absolutely inseparable since that day. They are each others best friend. Keith proposed to Cammie spontaneously one night while they were in their home dancing to frank sinatra. Keith then asked her if she would marry him and ran upstairs to grab a ring. Cammie of course said yes and now they are happily married together.

The story of Kara and David started in the airport of NYC almost 10 years ago. They were on their way to an ultimate frisbee tournament. They were close friends for a long time until they started dating about 2 years ago. They love each other unconditionally. Kara and David decided spontaneously that they wanted to get married while on the road driving to West Virginia. Now they are celebrating their happy lives together.

MK and Jason met 8 years ago and practically grew into adults together. Their bond is so strong and they love each other so deeply. They have two sweet pups who are basically their children! MK and Jason were so excited to get married and move to LA together to start their new adventure.

Mckayla and Matt met a few times at a bar. They started getting to know each other and eventually started dating. They love being outside, having a good time with each other, and traveling to new places. Mckayla and Matt’s wedding day was beautiful and their love continues to grow each day.

Danielle and Alex met back in 2013 online. They had a small and intimate outdoor wedding day and it was lovely. These two are such a sweet couple and they loved every second of their wedding day.

As Courtney states, “

It was a romantic Fall day that Jon and I met. We both woke up that morning, opened up a little app called ‘Tinder’ and swiped right. LOL” Jon and Courtney are such a fun and kind hearted couple. They met online and after awhile went on their first date. They had a ton in common and had such a strong connection from the start. Their first date was at Jon’s hockey game in Utah and later on in their life together Jon proposed in Lake Tahoe. They continue their happy marriage together to this day.

Olivia and Jordan had been together for 4 years and met through Facebook. They have 4 fur babies together and enjoy all things outdoors and good food! Jordon proposed to Olivia on Christmas Day towards the end of the night. They love living life together and were so excited to get married.

Rachel and Zach met in college at a frat party on Halloween. Rachel was shocked to have met a nice guy at a frat party but the next day they hung out and it led to more dates. They were absolutely inseparable since that night. They’ve been together for 4 years and Zach had proposed on a sunset tour in New York.

Eric and Rachel met at a bar in downtown Detroit. Rachel had a difficult day and when straight to the bar ready for her fireball shots when Eric had introduced himself. They talked all night and all the days after that. They were practically dating from that night they met. Rachel loves to dance and traveled for dance and Eric loves to cook, read and watch marvel/DC movies! They were such a kind hearted couple and they are still making amazing memories to this day!

Last but not least, Nick and Jessica who actually got married in December 2020, but waited for 5 months to celebrate with their extended family and friends in Gaylord, MI.

Which story makes your heart melt?

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