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Despite a lifelong love for the art form, it was the rewarding, collaborative experience of working with my own wedding photographer that convinced me to pursue it professionally myself! So today, inspired by the nostalgia of film and the timeless elegance of old-fashioned romance, I strive to create galleries bathed in light, emotion, and uncontainable joy through an experience you’ll treasure forever.

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Do you believe that photography is much more than beautiful photos, but about future generations?

Do you believe that the memories that accompany the images should be as breathtaking as the photos themselves? 

Do you believe That the best photographs actually flow from a sincere relationship with the person behind the camera?

Sentimental.   Natural.   romantic.

Michigan Wedding & Portrait Photographer

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Megan & Mike

"She made us feel like super models!! So professional and knows exactly how to capture the perfect picture. Michelle got every shot I could imagine and even pictures I didn’t know I needed. I would HIGHLY recommend everyone to her!!"


Whether you’re looking forward to jamming out on your reception dance floor throwing your hands up with Miley Cyrus, welcoming a new family member, or updating your website you’re definitely in the right place.

Born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, so much of who I am is inspired by the incredible people I’ve been blessed to call family. From my extraordinary husband, to the mom who first encouraged me to pursue photography, to the father I had to hug goodbye too soon -- and in whose memory I’ve incorporated lavender in my logo. My commitment is to creating an experience that delights those you love most while filling albums with their laughing faces so you can treasure the images for decades to come.

I couldn’t be more thrilled you’re here, and I so look forward to getting to know you on this journey!

i'm michelle!

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