Karrie, Mikayla + Goldie


January 21, 2020

If you’ve been following along in my Instagram stories, this weekend was a doozy! But, in the midst of emergency vet visits and a random stomach bug, I met up with these lovely ladies for a sunny Saturday Mother-Daughter-Doggie mini session!   MichelleLippert_motherdaughter-1234.jpg

  I couldn’t even tell you when Karrie and I met, but all of a sudden, there she was at every PanCAN event – fighting along side us in this fight against Pancreatic Cancer! Last summer, I met her awesome daughter, Mikayla, who’s now the Social Media Coordinator for PanCAN’s DFW affiliate. She is absolute rockstar at social media and has made a huge impact on the activity and awareness of Pancreatic Cancer in DFW. We’re so lucky to have her <3 MichelleLippert_motherdaughter-1367.jpg

  Little did I know, they have the most ADORABLE Golden-Doodle, Goldie.

Walking around the park with these awesome gals was so much fun and reminded me how much I love Mother-Daughter sessions… no matter how old the daughter is 🙂


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