Beautiful Blush and Navy Wedding in Fort Worth


December 15, 2019

Earlier this year I had the awesome opportunity to photograph a stunning wedding with my friend, Lexie Krug. We met a couple years ago at a shoot out I organized, and we’ve loved working together! This time she asked me to give her a hand at the wedding of Michael and Ashley. The intimate celebration was on the back patio of a stunning, vintage home, turned wedding venue just outside of Fort Worth, Texas. 2019-12-14_0013.jpg 2019-12-14_0005.jpg 2019-12-14_0004.jpg 2019-12-14_0012.jpg 2019-12-14_0003.jpg 2019-12-14_0014.jpg I always tend to get emotional at weddings, even behind the camera, but Ashley’s moments with her sweet mom were what got me choked up the most! Her dad passed a couple years ago, so watching these two women on such as special day, took me straight back to the moments with I shared with my mom on my own wedding day. 2019-12-14_0015.jpg 2019-12-14_0007.jpg 2019-12-14_0024.jpg These sweethearts decided to not do a first look, but they still wanted to have a quiet minute together before the ceremony. They wrote the most precious notes to each other and said a heartfelt prayer to bless their new marriage. 2019-12-14_0010.jpg 2019-12-14_0011.jpg 2019-12-14_0055.jpg 2019-12-14_0056.jpg 2019-12-14_0009.jpg PS Can we just take a second and make heart eyes at Ashley’s STUNNING blush gown!?!? Come on! Even better? She found it at a thrift shop no one ever heard of! 2019-12-14_0020.jpg 2019-12-14_0057.jpg 2019-12-14_0019.jpg 2019-12-14_0021.jpg And, her bouquet truly made my heart sing! 2019-12-14_0018.jpg Even her bridesmaids went gaga! 2019-12-14_0008.jpg 2019-12-14_0058.jpg 2019-12-14_0016.jpg 2019-12-14_0023.jpg The ring bearer’s sign couldn’t have been more accurate 2019-12-14_0026.jpg Michael’s reaction was perfect!! He literally applauded as his bride came up the aisle! 2019-12-14_0027.jpg 2019-12-14_0028.jpg 2019-12-14_0030.jpg 2019-12-14_0025.jpg 2019-12-14_0029.jpg 2019-12-14_0031.jpg 2019-12-14_0032.jpg 2019-12-14_0059.jpg 2019-12-14_0034.jpg 2019-12-14_0038.jpg 2019-12-14_0035.jpg 2019-12-14_0036.jpg 2019-12-14_0037.jpg 2019-12-14_0039.jpg 2019-12-14_0033.jpg 2019-12-14_0017.jpg 2019-12-14_0006.jpg 2019-12-14_0040.jpg 2019-12-14_0041.jpg2019-12-14_0043.jpg 2019-12-14_0044.jpg 2019-12-14_0042.jpg The mother-daughter dance had EVERYONE in tears 2019-12-14_0046.jpg 2019-12-14_0045.jpg 2019-12-14_0048.jpg 2019-12-14_0047.jpg And the tears kept on flowing during the mother-son dance 2019-12-14_0049.jpg 2019-12-14_0051.jpg This wedding was one for the books! The couple, the love, the venue and that DRESS…. I’ll never forget it <3 2019-12-14_0052.jpg 2019-12-14_0053.jpg 

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