We’re coming home!


February 21, 2020

I won’t lie… As soon as I started getting ready to write this out, my heart started racing and my palms got all sweaty!


Six years after leaving Michigan, we’re heading back home! We’re equal parts excited, terrified, happy and sad (which explains my body’s reaction to sharing this info lol)! When we first started telling people that we’d finally decided to cut the cord with the Lone Star State, no one believed us… I can’t blame them! This move home is something my husband, Jeff, has wanted and openly talked about since before leaving in 2014… I took a couple years to come around to the idea, and a few more to want it as much as he did.

One month from today, we will be heading North with a full U-haul and our fur babies!



We’re so excited about our new apartment, but it’s not where you might expect. Aside from being so far away, we’ve actually really enjoyed our independence. We’ve become a team and learned so much about ourselves and each other. So, instead of moving back to Lansing, we’ll be 30 minutes East in Howell! I know, right!?!?? It’s not what Jeff had in mind, but when we were home for Thanksgiving last year, we took a little detour on the way back to the Detroit airport and he saw the charm that I did. Howell does have a rough reputation because of it’s history, but I’ve reached out to people I trust that live there now and they LOVE it. Plus, if we’re not comfortable there, we can always move! I mean, we’re pretty much pro’s at it by now lol

But as much as Lansing is “home,” I knew I didn’t want to be so close to where I’d be surrounded by memories of my dad. I was worried about how that would effect the depression I was likely going to feel about leaving Texas in the first place. We also considered the fact that Jeff will stay with his current employer and instead of flying back to DFW every three weeks with only me to spend time with (it’s not that bad lol), he can just fly to Detroit and he has the option of spending time with his family and the friends that he’s kept since he was in 2nd grade! Another reason we chose Howell is because we’re so spoiled by our 15 minute drive to an international airport! Howell is simply closer to a big airport!



Over the last couple months, we started saying our goodbyes. When I say that’s been emotional, that’s putting it lightly. My best friend got married January 5 and hired a couple of my photog friends for her big day. The week before, Jeff and I had decided our official move date would be March 21, so we decided to start spreading the news. NO, I didn’t tell Maddie on her wedding day, but I pulled the photographers aside to let them know that our partnerships were coming to a close. Luckily they took it well, but I got jokes about it all night!

Four weeks later, we finally made it back to Saint Stephen’s, but one the way there it hit me that this would be the last chance Jeff and I would be able to attend church together before our move. During the passing of the peace, our minister came up to us and asked about our plans to move and when the last Sunday was that we’d be there…. I instantly started tearing up and said “today.” Moments later, we found ourselves surrounded by our church family, tears streaming down my face, as they prayed over us, asking God to bless our marriage, our future and our travels. I was pretty close to literally crumbling into a ball on the floor! We found Saint Stephen’s about 8 months after moving to Texas in 2015. I’d lost my dad in January and in November, Jeff asked me to be his wife! Having grown up in an Episcopalian church, I knew that’s where I wanted to get married in Lansing, but we had to go through counselling at a local church in DFW. We literally hit the jackpot with this little parish! They welcomed us with bright eyes and open arms and have supported us through our marriage.



Later that day, we figured we’d make our last trip to Ninja Nation, too. We were devastated that we didn’t see any familiar faces that afternoon, but we still had fun, took pictures, and got new injuries… I’ll call it a win lol



Anyway, now it’s time to start packing up the house and with Jeff in McAllen for work, it’s mostly on me. I’m trying to stay motivated, but with so much on my plate with my business, training for my new job in Michigan and still working until March 6, I’m so grateful for the people that have stepped in and offered to help! I’ve already had two panic attacks because I feel like I’m already out of time, but it’s okay! I just keep repeating that to myself.

Everything is going to be just fine 🙂 Not to mention, we’ll finally get to go back to Michigan State football games and use our season tickets again!


michigan state football


So, that about covers it for now! Thanks for sticking with me through that and for the love and well wishes that we’ve already received!

It’s been really real Texas! You’ll always have a place in my heart… I hope the feeling is mutual <3


When you might see me around DFW after the move:

April 17-18

June 4-7

November 6-9 (family pictures anyone??)

April 16-18, 2021



God bless Texas <3

  1. Mom Rosie and Sunshine says:

    Love you guys. I/we can’t wait for March 22, 2020 when you arrive with your truck full of memories.

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