Top 10 Tips for Save The Dates


January 9, 2024

Your engaged!!! YAYY!! You have the ring, the venue, and the date. Now what? The save-the-date is your next step towards the big day, setting the tone for the celebration of love. 💌 In this blog post, we unwrap the art of save-the-dates, revealing my top 10 tips to ensure your special announcement is not only memorable but seamlessly guides your guests to mark their calendars. From planning timelines to choosing between digital and print, let’s dive into the world of save-the-dates! Let the countdown to forever begin.

1. Plan Ahead

Start early to give yourself enough time to design and send out your save-the-dates, especially if you’re having a destination wedding.

2. Clear Information

Include the essential details – the date, venue, and a hint of what’s to come. Keep it concise but informative.

3. Consistent Theme

Reflect your wedding theme or colors in the save-the-date design for a cohesive look that sets the tone.

4. Digital or Print?

Decide whether you want to go digital or traditional with printed cards. Digital is eco-friendly and cost-effective, while print can add a personal touch.

5. Engaging Visuals

Use eye-catching visuals, like raised foil or photos that capture your personalities. Make it memorable and reflective of your relationship.

6. RSVP Details

If possible, provide a way for guests to RSVP or express their intention to attend. This is not a must, but it can help you plan better.

7. Include a Website

If you have a wedding website, include the URL. Don’t stress about having everything ironed out and ready to go live, but a website gives your guests a place to find additional details and updates when you have them.

8. Consider Magnet or Bookmark Formats

Opt for practical formats like magnets or bookmarks that guests can use or keep as a memento.

9. Mind the Timing

Send out save-the-dates around 6-8 months before the wedding date to give guests ample time to make arrangements. Will most of your guests be traveling? Considering giving them even more of a heads up to block off dates.

10. Double-Check Addresses

Ensure you have accurate addresses for all your guests before sending out the save-the-dates. This will also save you time when addressing your formal invites!

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Remember, your save-the-date sets the stage for your big day, so make it personal and reflective of the love you share. Check out the beautiful options from The Printed Event below. They have templates with customization as well as full custom designs!

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