Six steps to a life changing experience with Boudoir


October 19, 2022

Been thinking about doing a boudoir session, but not sure what it takes? Keep scrolling to learn more about the booking process.

STEP ONE | Say Hello
Anywhere from 3 to 12 months before your ideal session date, send me an inquiry with some details on who you are and what you’re looking for in a boudoir experience. I’ll be back in touch in 2 business days so we can schedule a call!


STEP TWO | Get to know each other
The next step is to connect over the phone. Boudoir sessions are incredibly fun, but it’s completely normal to feel a bit shy and nervous when you first begin the planning process. So, I’ll fill you in on my process and answer any questions and concerns you may have. Then, if you decide I’m the right fit, I’ll collect your session fee right there over the phone, email you the receipt and contract, and your session will go on the calendar!

STEP THREE | Plan your big moment
I have all the answers to all the little questions you’re pondering, like, “What do I wear?” or “Heels? Props? Whaaat?” or “So, um…where should I buy my lingerie from anyway?” I’ll send you a session guide and plan your hair and makeup, which I provide in-studio before your session. Together, we’ll craft a showstopping session just for you!

STEP FOUR | Shoot day!
In the blink of an eye, your session day will arrive! With mimosa in hand, you’ll get your hair and makeup done in the studio while we pick a soundtrack for the session. Then, over the course of two hours and up to five outfit changes, you’ll work it for the camera while I click away. And never worry about not knowing what to do with your hands or how to pose on a windowsill—I’ll direct you with the prompts and poses you need to shine. When the session is over, you’ll leave feeling confident and powerful and a goodie bag to keep the luxury experience going!

STEP FIVE | Gallery reveal
Most of the time, we’ll hang out after your session where you’ll get to see your beautiful images for the first time! Filled with 60+ stunning photos, your gallery will give you a vast selection to choose from when creating your album and selecting prints. I’ll work with you to narrow down your options and help you create the perfect products. Your amazing photos should be treasured and displayed, not stuck in a password-protected digital gallery forever.

STEP SIX | The final product
About four weeks after your gallery reveal, your gorgeous, heirloom quality products will arrive! As testaments to your confidence and beauty, these photos will forever preserve who you are during this once-in-a-lifetime chapter in your life.

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