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October 10, 2020

By now, you’ve likely learned a good amount about me and if we’ve been lucky enough to already chat, and I’ve heard all about your amazing love story and I currently have googly hearts over my eyes and stars on my heart!! I mean, how could I not!? *swoon* Any who, just in case any of these questions crossed your mind afterwards or you’re not quite convinced yet, here you go: 6 questions you should ask your wedding photographer, and what I have to say about it 🙂


As your wedding photographer, my goal is to tell your story, right? But I can’t do that well without getting to know YOU! I want to learn not only what “you’re most excited about on your wedding day,” but when was the moment that “you knew he was the one,” what was the meaning behind where he popped the question, what’s your perfect date night, and so much more! We’re gonna get deep, and by the time your wedding comes around, I’ll be so invested in you guys, it’s a good bet I’ll get teary eyed during your vows.


Photographing weddings is not an easy task: I’m responsible for capturing what is most likely the most important day of someone’s life, I’m holding their hands during the months leading up, at the beginning of the day there might be an intense mother-in-law and at the end there’s a super drunk cousin. But y’all, I love this! By the wedding day, your family is my family, and my shoulder is yours to to lean on if your MOH is MIA at that very moment. I love photographing weddings so much because my wedding photographer was there for me like this and so much more… It gives me SO much joy to be able to pay that forward to you!


I literally remember finding my mom’s SLR camera when I was 9 years old and instantly falling in love. The next summer, my parents enrolled me in summer photography courses and I was 1000% hooked! I learned everything I possibly could over the next 7 years from the basics, to developing my own film in the dark room in my high school. Once I got my hands on a digital camera and discovered photoshop, I knew I had found my passion and I kept taking classes into college. Up until then, I’d mostly photographed the world around me and I had a couple friends that I’d always run around and take pictures with. I had no idea how to shift into making this into a business until 2010 when I was asked to photograph my first wedding! I ran around like a crazy lady, and after I got pictures of the rings, the dress, final touches of make up and tying the ribbon on the dress, I got eeeevery tiny detail that I didn’t even know was necessary to photograph throughout the rest of the day… After delivering the final gallery to the newlyweds and seeing their reactions, I knew in my heart that photographing weddings was innate for me and I had to have more!


ABSOLUTELY!!! If it weren’t for photography, I definitely would’ve been a wedding or event planner! I even dabbled in it after planning my own wedding, but I couldn’t deny my love for photography. SO, after you book me, I’ll create a sample timeline based on a questionnaire that I’ll email you. It’ll bring up some things about your wedding day that you probably hadn’t thought about. For example, do you want to do a first look (aka have a private moment your future husband before the wedding and have oodles of time for pictures)? And, are you doing a fun exit after your reception or mixing it up and doing the exit after the ceremony?

*Check out my blog post about First Looks HERE, even if you’re convinced you DON’T want to do one.*


The one time my heart practically stopped at a wedding was right after family pictures during portraits with the bride and groom. They were in the love bubble, all giggly and whatnot, and then it happened. My camera stopped working! Guys! Seriously! My palms started sweating and my heart literally stopped, then skipped a few beats to catch up! At the time, I had no clue what caused the error message, so instead of hitting the brakes on the day, I told the newlyweds I loved what they were doing so much that I had to change my lense to get a wider shot. I took the couple steps over to my bag, grabbed my backup camera, popped another lense on, and kept on gushing over the cuteness of the moment. The moral of the story? I’d gotten the oils from my fingers on the sensor that the camera used to communicate with the lens (so, I know to never do THAT again!) and the couple didn’t suspect that anything was off! So, rest assured, even if I’m freaking out on your wedding day, you’ll never know, and we’ll just keep on going! Pro tip: here’s another reason why I recommend having a second photographer.


Like I said before, by the time your wedding comes around, I. AM. INVESTED. Your contract will cover all the details, but I will do everything in my power to be there on your special day. If I’m not able to make it, I will reach into incredibly talented pool of peers to find someone that is more than capable of stepping in and treating you with the love and respect that you deserve. More that likely, the replacement lead will be the photographer I’d chosen to be my second photographer, and another will step in as the second. All of the information you and I have gone over will be discussed with your new lead photographer and they won’t miss a beat!

Transparency and communication are huge to me, so if you still have ANY questions before booking, just let me know! Ready to move forward? LET’S DO THIS!! Either way, I’m here for you <3

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