5 Reasons To Have Your Photographer at Your Wedding Rehearsal

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June 24, 2019

For 2019, I added in Rehearsal Dinner coverages to my wedding packages. Being at the wedding rehearsal itself can be helpful as far as logistics on the day of the wedding and knowing if there are any little things I might not be expecting as a part of the ceremony. But, usually I give myself enough time at the venue before I grab my camera to scope it out. The rehearsal dinner afterward, is when the real fun begins! For my wedding, this was when we gave our bridal party their gifts! We didn’t go small, and I would’ve loved to capture their reactions when they opened up their custom jerseys!

So I got to thinking: what are a few other reasons why I would’ve wanted our photographer there?

Reason Number One


There’s two sides to every couple: a casual side and a formal side. OK let’s be real, there’s many, many sides to every couple which is why I love wedding photography so much, but I digress.

While weddings themselves can be a casual, typically, the wedding is the “grand affaire” where everyone gets dressed up and dances the night away! The rehearsal dinner, on the other hand, tends to be more laid back and that includes showing off your more casual side in the details. What else does that mean for you and your soon-to-be spouse? Keep on scrolling 🙂 

Reason Number Two


This one may be a touch controversial, and everyone has their preference, but not everyone wants to try to keep up with the kids on the dance floor or worry about stepping on tiny fingers or toes in all the hustle. If you’ve chosen to not include the littles to the formal party, let them come hang at the rehearsal and make have photos of them to include in your album!

Reason Number Three


Some people are chatter boxes and, hopefully, it’s part of why we love them. HOWEVER, a wedding is not the time to be long winded when your guests are waiting on dinner to be served. So, if Dad has a lot to say, let him know that you’d like him to make two speeches: one on the wedding day, and one at the rehearsal (where inside jokes might make more of an impact) and I’ll make sure to capture every second as photographic evidence that he was able to keep it until 20 minutes for once 😉

Reason Number Four


This goes back to capturing your casual side: everyone’s looking snazzy, but not in the exact same color. 
Side note:  this is why I go gaga over miss-matched bridal parties!

Reason Number Five


For your rehearsal dinner, you normally invite the family and friends that are directly involved with your wedding ceremony. Most importantly, this means you have less people pulling you in multiple directions, and you actually get to hang out with your fiance and get adorable photos of the two of you!

Would you have your photographer at your rehearsal dinner? 
What are some things you’d want photographed that mean the most to you?
Comment below with what you think!


Until next time, friends! Happy snapping!

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